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What are the cabinet materials?
- Jun 19, 2018 -

There are four main types of materials for cabinets: door panels, cabinets, countertops, and hardware.

Cabinet finishes are as follows:

1, the overall board: Imported moisture-proof board, the surface covered with melamine impregnated decorative paper, unique texture, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, Naisuan Jian, strong anti-ultraviolet light, easy to clean, to European E1 environmental protection requirements. The

2, decorative panels: moisture, waterproof, fire, wear, easy to clean, rich colors, economical and practical. The

3, crystal plate: the surface is acrylic (crystal glass), the substrate is a large core board. Advantages: bright surface, strong visual impact, high temperature resistance, moderate price, can be any color. Disadvantages: poor impact resistance, easy to scratch, maintenance and careful. The

4, piano paint door: smooth, beautiful, impact-resistant, high temperature; rich colors, after 7 times the process, the color endurance. Disadvantages: Not many shapes.

5, Blister door: This door is made of PVC as veneer material, with high quality medium density board as base material, after molding, vacuum adsorption, hot pressing and other processes. PVC door panels are rich in color, various types of door panels, strong sense of three-dimensional, easy to clean, can meet the individual needs of consumers, deeply loved by users. PVC door panels currently account for 50% of the European market. Advantages: a molding, beautiful appearance, rich colors, no cracking, no deformation, affordable, consumers choose more. Luxury Blister: PVC thickness above 0.3MM, stable, flexible, easy to mold, no brittle, non-toxic, no pollution, long storage time, rich colors. The

6, solid wood door panel advantages: beautiful shape, generous, dignified, luxury with a return to nature, return to the real effect; disadvantages: high prices, damp climate easily deformed.

7, metal door panels: European fashion colors, bold, avant-garde, highly personalized style and sense of the times, cool temperament bring cool atmosphere to the kitchen life, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, simple daily maintenance.

Cabinet counter material Daquan:

1, natural stone marble. Rich colors, soft texture, natural and diverse texture, easy to cut or engrave molding. Disadvantages: Due to the natural formation, the subtle loose cracks are easily broken. Because the stone is a porous material structure, if sewage is infiltrated during production, transportation, or construction, it is difficult to clean and prone to rupture. In daily cleaning, it is unavoidable that some residues and dirt will be filled into the cracks as the wipes are wiped, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. Because the presence of heavy metal substances will have a certain degree of radiation, more or less, it may cause harm to human health.

2, granite. Granite has high density, high hardness, and very wear-resistant surface. It is also one of the materials commonly used in home decoration. Compared with natural marble, it can be used in kitchen countertops. Granite has good anti-bacterial regeneration ability. Disadvantages: As a countertop material of the cabinet, the length of natural stone is usually not long, so if you want to make a long overall table (especially U-shaped, L-shaped table), there will certainly be joints, these seams are also easy to hide dirt.

3, artificial stone. Artificial stone is rich in grain and color, and it can be comparable to stone, and it is non-toxic and non-radiative. It is easy to clean up and can be truly seamless. It is an eco-friendly, environmentally friendly material. Disadvantages: Artificial stone belongs to the processing industry, and the technical requirements are not high. Many inferior products produced by small enterprises flood the market and damage the interests of consumers. Some middle and low-end products also have faded color, poor aging resistance, and oil stains.

4, fire board. The density plate is used as the base material, and the surface is fired with a veneer, which has better impact resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance. Disadvantages: Most of the materials used in the manufacture of fireproof board countertops in China are low-priced density boards, which cannot provide effective guarantees in terms of performance and environmental protection. Due to the length limitation of the fireproof board and the natural stone material, it is impossible to achieve a perfect seamless joint. These gaps are naturally "hotbeds" of bacterial contaminants.

5, stainless steel. The advancement of processing technology has given new imperfections to this material, such as surface drawing, embossing, etc. The appearance is fashionable and fashionable. It is favored by urban young consumers, and the surface of stainless steel is very easy to clean. Disadvantages: People often use steel balls and other clean and hygienic, other metal tools or ceramic utensils will also add a lot of scars to their stylish appearance, these scars can not be repaired, so the stainless steel countertop will have more and more flowers. Therefore, always use this type of stainless steel countertop to wipe its surface.