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What does the whole cabinet include?
- Jun 19, 2018 -

The overall kitchen cabinet refers to a combination of kitchen cabinets, appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen appliances. The overall cabinet is characterized by the organic combination of kitchen cabinets and consoles, kitchen appliances and various functional components, and the overall configuration, overall design, and overall construction of the consumer's home kitchen structure, area, and individual needs of family members. Finally, a complete set of products is formed to achieve the overall coordination of each operating procedure in the kitchen work, and to create a good family atmosphere and a strong sense of life.

The overall cabinet definition: also known as "integrated kitchen", cabinets, appliances, gas appliances, kitchen features four integrated into a functional cabinet combination of cabinets. Various types of equipment and professional types of work such as construction, water supply and drainage, ventilation, gas, electrical and other professional pipelines are connected and summarized, and according to the kitchen layout, area and individual needs of the family members in the consumer's home, through the overall design. , The overall construction, the final composition of the whole set of kitchen cabinet products.