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What is the difference between cabinets and cabinets?
- Jun 19, 2018 -

The overall cabinet refers to a combination of kitchen cabinets, electric appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen appliances. So called the whole cabinet.

In the function design of cabinets, generally speaking, it is the function and design that best embody the technological content of cabinets. Ordinary cabinets generally have only basic storage functions, and there are many aspects such as how to take and place items and how to maximize the use of space. The cabinets produced by professional manufacturers are considered in detail in terms of function design: sinks, stoves, etc. are designed as embedded, beautiful and elegant; drawers are all installed with slides, light weight; the use of various functional accessories can effectively use space, Easy access. In fact, cabinets are mainly changed in style and function.

In the use of materials, homemade cabinets often use ordinary laminates and ordinary hardware accessories, so that the production of ordinary furniture, it is used to make cabinets, it is difficult to withstand the damp, high temperature and corrosion of corrosive materials in the kitchen. The professional cabinets are made of high-grade fire-resistant panels that are resistant to corrosion and moisture, are not easily deformed, and are easy to clean.

Simply put, that is, buying a cabinet to go back to is not a meal. The cabinet is a cupboard for kitchen utensils. It is equipped with a hood, stove, water basin, pot, and the like. This is called the whole cabinet.