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What Are The Differences Between The Materials Of The Cabinets?
- Jun 19, 2018 -

A: The refractory board door panel, commonly known as the fire board, is made of kraft paper impregnated with resin and processed at a high temperature. It has strong wear resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fire resistance, antibacterial, anti-mildew and anti-static properties, and its excellent decorative effect, can make a variety of effects, such as imitation stone, wood grain, metal, Divided into high light and matt, its environmental performance is also very good, the price is not expensive, is that professionals generally believe that the most cost-effective door material, but also because of the outstanding performance of the board, and is widely used in dining tables, desks and furniture Many public food and beverage outlets, such as McDonald's and KFC's desktop, are also the material. The best brands of fire-resisting boards in the Chinese market include Weishengya and Fumeijia.

Two: melamine ammonia board (MFC) is a special decorative paper impregnated with resin, paving on the surface of the particle board substrate, and then by mechanical hot pressing process similar to the refractory board, all aspects of performance than the refractory board is slightly poor, the price is also Cheap, but the decorative effect and environmental performance is not worse than the refractory board, is currently widely used by the kitchen cabinet factory, mainly used for kitchen cabinet doors and cabinets, the current market reputation is better Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. production of Lushuihe , Italy's Xilai board, Austria's EGGER company's love board, environmental performance have reached the European E1 environmental standards (formaldehyde emission below 8mg/100g).

Three: PVC molded plastic blister door is based on medium density board, with PVC veneer after hot pressing plastic forming, can seal the four sides of the door into one, do not need to re-edge, to solve some of the long-term open plastic sheet And the problem of fading, known as non-defective plate, the best decorative effect, matt surface is like a fire-resistant plate and melamine plate, the effect of light can achieve mirror paint, but also can imitation wood style. However, at present, PVC veneers produced by the State are generally poor, and some informal companies have reduced the cost and selling price, and even replaced them with some film wallpapers.

Four: The solid wood door panel is made of solid wood and has the effect of returning to nature and returning to nature. It is the first choice for high-grade cabinet door panels, but it is not fire-resistant or wear-resistant. The process is very complex, and therefore the price is not low, and its price is the highest in all kinds of plates.

Five: spray paint door is generally introduced by the cabinet company as "paint door", in fact, are the same, the use of paint production of the door, the substrate for the medium density board, the process is extremely simple, but different manufacturers of technology and paint difference Very large, spray paint door has the advantage of bright color, with a strong visual impact, but the door is very easy to be scratched paint, not wear, impact resistance, aging color, and different batches of different product colors difference. Many people think that it is easy to clean the stains on the paint door. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. After each cleanup, the stains are not absolutely cleaned up. After a long time, they will gradually become dirty and difficult to clean.

6: The crystal plate is formed on the surface of the substrate after painting on the back of a layer of plexiglass plate (acrylic). The price is very low and the process is very simple. The artificial processing is basically adopted, and the substrate can be used for large core plates, medium density plates and Particleboard and crystal plates will fade and discolor over time. Dry climate is easy to crack, degumming, and they are not durable and easy to outdated.